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The latest in the short-read series, Black and Gold.

FREE – Love and War


A busy week last week finishing two novels for Solomon.

The first was the final in the Harder They Fall series – a great finale, and the book will be available soon.

Unexpectedly, the day I returned the manuscript, I received a second for editing – the eighth in the short-read series, Black & Gold and this is now available – FREE this weekend!

Love & War – FREE – this weekend

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A lovely testimonial from Solomon Carter:

Melanie has edited at least 20 of my books. In that time her services have proven to be professional, reliable and cost effective. She is approachable throughout a project and she is consistent in her work. Melanie also offers helpful insights to ensure your books reach the reader in the best shape possible. Her work often picks up on any technical and plotting issues which is vital to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for the reader. Highly recommended.


Solomon Carter

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Does the final paragraph say it all?

But in the man and his presidency Dowd had seen the tragic flaw. In the political back-and-forth, the evasions, the denials, the tweeting, the obscuring, crying “Fake News,” the indignation, Trump had one overriding problem that Dowd knew but could not bring himself to say to the president: “You’re a fucking liar.”

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September 12th, 2018 by Melanie