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November 21st, 2020 by Melanie3101

I have been writing stories for years and more recently have written several children’s books with one published and two in the same series ready to publish.

I have taken the independent author route as it is almost impossible to get anything through a traditional publisher.

That’s not my main reason for taking the indie route.  There are far too many restrictions and a lack of control of your work when you go through a publisher.

As an indie author, I can publish when what and how I like and the freedom to do this was the overriding factor for me.

My first children’s books were written in collaboration with a very good friend Christine Williams who lives not far from me in South Wales in the UK.

Our collaborative author name is Niddy Witch and the first book published on Amazon kindle was the result of 6 shorter stories welded into one larger book.

“Andorra’s box” was great to co-write and in the current technological age, this posed no problem bouncing the drafts back and forward between Nelson and Abergavenny.

We have since completed the first drafts of the sequels to the first book and these are soon to be published once the editing stage is over.

My Own Books

I have decided to go down the road of writing my own books as I really like slightly off-the-wall detective come adventure come sci-fi stories.  My first efforts were short stories that I have deliberately done so I have a complete start to finish story within 5-10,000 words.

I needed to get some hard writing practice and wrote around four or five short sci-fi stories.  The latest book currently titled ‘Sleepers’ will be my first serious effort at a novella+ fiction.  I say Novella plus as a novella is officially up to 39,999 words but if I exceed that it then becomes a book and it could well be well over 50 or even 60,000 words.  The beauty of being an indie author is that it doesn’t matter how long the story is there is no restriction from a publisher.

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November 20th, 2020 by Melanie3101

Nova Fornell passionately danced ballet from the age of four until twenty-one, when injuries forced her to stop. In the pursuit of a new career where it would be easier for her to get a job than in the ballet world, she went back to the university to get a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration. The lack of opportunity to express herself creatively in the business world prompted her to find a new creative passion, which turned out to be writing fiction in her spare time. Now she is hooked on writing and hopes to write several more novels in the future.

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November 13th, 2020 by Melanie3101

S E Turner is a life-long enthusiast of epic fantasy that borders on the believable. With an abundance of historical research weaved through the pages, this promises to be an engaging and immersive experience.


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November 8th, 2020 by Melanie3101

Hello, I’m Oyinda, an odd body who has written everyday since the age of 8. I know I was that age, as I tended to keep all my scribblings and had the habit of dating each sheet of paper.

A lot of my work today is derived from ideas I had during childhood.

I was born in Hampstead, London and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, where I climbed trees, rode horses, got chased by wasps, and ran around barefoot with my dogs.

In Nigeria, I spent a lot of time in my grandfather’s study, soaking up every bit of information I could from encyclopaedias, as well as reading every book, journal, and article I could find.

Some of my summers and winters were spent in Highgate, where I have some fond memories. When I was in my late teens, I was sent to school in North Yorkshire, where I realised my immense dislike for field hockey and outdoor sports.

My mum was kind enough to lend me her typewriter from time to time to write my stories, and as soon as I was old and competent enough, I had access to computers. However I have always preferred long hand as I connect to the characters and stories better.

When I’m not at my writing desk, working on my latest manuscript, I like to relax by taking long country hikes with my dogs, horse riding in the woods, sewing, and reupholstering furniture.

These days, I’ve returned to Highgate, where I live right by the woods, and I still write my first draft by hand.

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October 7th, 2020 by Melanie3101

Jacqueline Beard is a writer and genealogist living in Gloucestershire but with an East Anglian ancestry going back to the 1500s. She writes Victorian murder mysteries and is currently working on the fourth book in the Lawrence Harpham series. Jacqueline’s books are a mixture of true crime and fiction. Her books are inspired by Norfolk and Suffolk newspaper reports. When Jacqueline is not writing or researching “dead people” as her husband so charmingly puts it, she can be found walking in the glorious Cotswolds. Jacqueline loves technology and spends far too much time on her computer. She dislikes flying, dentists and balloons – especially red ones.

Her Twitter address is @jacquibwriter

Jacqueline Beard – Website

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