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August 20th, 2019 by Melanie3101

Edited at the very end of July, Starship Renegades: Beginnings, the introduction to the new series by Saffron Bryant is available free.

I’ve now completed the edits on the first four novels in this series—almost halfway through!—which will be published later this year.

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August 17th, 2019 by Melanie3101

I finished editing the fourth novel in this thriller series by Urcelia Teixeira last week and it is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Pulse-pounding action from the very first chapter transports you back through history into a world of secret fraternities where it is up to Alex and Sam to save the world from destruction.

Travel back to 1779 when the French Revolution marked the end of the French monarchy. The world thought they knew what happened, but when a centuries old secret is at threat of being exposed, only the smart will survive…


The Dauphin Deception


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July 31st, 2019 by Melanie3101

A slightly less productive month with a long weekend away—a much needed break!—but a total of five novels and one novella edited (420,000 words) and a very busy August ahead of me.

July began with a Young Adult fantasy novel—details to follow nearer publication, followed by the third in the revenge thriller series by Sharon M Thompson, Ruthless.

Michelle Vernal’s final novel in the lovely O’Mara’s series, Rosi’s Regrets was a very different change of pace, before a cleverly written novel by Louise Broderick—again, details when available.

The first in the new Eva and Dan private investigator series by Solomon Carter came in at a hefty 120,000 words and was another fast-paced page-turner and a great start to what promises to be another exciting series, and the month ended with a sci-fi, fantasy novella, the first instalment in a new series by Saffron Bryant, on which I’ll be working throughout August and September.

Once again, I was able to work in the garden for some of the time—out of the question today as it’s pouring with rain—and the editing work was interspersed with walks with my lovely guest dogs, the slightly crazy Molly and Dexter in the early part of July, and last week, Jett, a beautiful and very affectionate black Labrador.

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July 30th, 2019 by Melanie3101

The fourth book in the wonderful O’Mara’s series that I’ve had the pleasure of editing. The whole series is now available as a box set.

Roisin O’Mara regrets a lot of things. 

She regrets having just snaffled the out of date Jacobs Club bar she found at the back of the cupboard, and the cheese she ate before bed the night before—it gave her the strangest dreams. Mammy always told her not to eat cheese before bed. She should have listened. Just like when Mammy asked her if she was sure she was doing the right thing getting married because that’s her biggest regret of all.

When Roisin discovers a secret her husband’s been keeping from her she and their five-year-old son, Noah, leave London and head for her old home in Dublin, O’Mara’s Guesthouse/ on the Green.

Reggie Nolan has regrets too. To say he’s sorry, isn’t in his vocabulary but time is running out. He’s come to stay at O’Mara’s to try and find the strength to put things right with the person he loves most in the world.

With a little sisterly love and some advice from Mammy will Roisin be able to move forward? And can Reggie make amends for what he did thirty years ago, before it’s too late?

Come and stay at O’Mara’s…


Rosi’s Regrets – Michelle Vernal

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July 21st, 2019 by Melanie3101

The third in this cleverly written, complex revenge thriller series by Sharon M. Thompson is another thrilling page turner.

One secret. Three dead. And its not over yet.  

It’s twelve months since Jasmine Steele forced Steve’s hand. She’s naïve, and awkward, and continues to dig for answers.  But caring for people has given Steve a way to get even with Jasmine. How will she react when faced with death again?

After rehab Madison Hacket starts a new life. But Steve—her father—won’t let go and persuades her to help destroy Jasmine’s business. Will Madison follow through with the plan or will her desire to start over make her stop?

Steve Hacket wants what he wants. And he’ll do anything, to make his family help. What secret will Steve share to destroy everyone?

RUTHLESS is the much anticipated third book in the LAYERED REVENGE THRILLER SERIES—Jasmine’s quest to uncover the truth. 



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