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February 14th, 2020 by Melanie3101

Edited in January, this is the final instalment in this gripping revenge, thriller series.

Two women band together to bring a man down.

One man hunts to finish them off. 

Bring them together—someone’s not leaving alive. 

It’s four months since Steve Hacket killed Jasmine’s dad and disappeared. 

Jasmine Steele and Madison Hacket want Steve to pay for what he did. But they take risks with people they care for and put lives in jeopardy.  

Steve has one final secret to divulge. What better place to reveal the truth than where it all started. He forces everyone together to make an unthinkable choice.

RELENTLESS is the much anticipated fourth and final book in the LAYERED REVENGE THRILLER SERIES—Jasmine’s journey to uncover the truth.

Relentless – Amazon UK

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January 7th, 2020 by Melanie3101

The second in the exciting Mark Noble space adventure series, Moonstruck was edited last week (the first novel of 2020!) and is now available for pre-order.

Moonstruck is the second of the Mark Noble space adventures. Reading Moonscape first is strongly advised.

After the frantic escape from the moon at the end of Moonscape, Mark has only just recovered when he discovers that the United States, together with the Chinese and Russians, are planning an invasion of Moonbase, and they want him to command it.

Penny, an old flame of Mark’s, is on the mission and this infuriates wife Linda, who has been grounded. Twenty-six others form the crew. Not only is it the biggest space expedition in history, but it also represents the most people ever to have been on the moon at the same time, and the most manned spacecraft in orbit too. Can Mark control the fourteen strong military contingent? As the story develops, he realises that he does not have as much authority as he believed.

Once again, Harmsworth has combined hard science fiction together with a fanciful, yet plausible story with totally convincing characters.

If Mark has international cooperation and support, how could anything go wrong? Surely a single offensive should be enough? No! The vicious mid-story plot-twist changes everything.

Find out what happens in Moonstruck—launch date 1st February 2020—available for pre-order now.

Moonstruck – Tony Harmsworth

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January 6th, 2020 by Melanie3101

Edited in July, this first in a new series by Louise Broderick is now available for pre-order.

When Mia’s father commits suicide, it is the conclusion of a killing spree which ended the lives of ten young women.
His death marks a new beginning for eight year old Mia. She is adopted by the well to do Lewis family and grows up surrounded by love and security. Fifteen years later a visit from the police shatters their world. More of her father’s victims have been found, amongst them the body of Mia’s mother. The woman Mia thought had abandoned her had been killed by the man she loved and trusted.
As the fragile foundations of her life crumble around her Mia begins to discover the painful reality of her childhood. Is she the product of the family who nurtured her, or of the blood-soaked genes she carries?

After – Louise Broderick

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January 5th, 2020 by Melanie3101

This wonderfully quirky series continues with a second instalment, edited at the end of October and is now available for pre-order.

Another hilarious and quirky mystery from Zach J Brodsky.

Bob Lowe’s pipe dream to become a slick private investigator working the streets of Bangkok is becoming a reality; he’s fast becoming the go-to guy for bizarre cases.

When the police are suspicious about a series of expat deaths, they turn to Bob to do what he does best – go undercover with a drink in a bar. His translator, friend and investigative assistant Pat, continues to quietly prove the brains behind the organisation as Bob tries to solve a unique paternity test and help young go-go dancer Tum get his mojo back in the Bangkok nightlife scene.

Life is very much on an upward trajectory for the bumbling Brit and he even reveals his softer side as he looks to repair fading friendships. Another bizarre and quirky mystery with a large slice of humour and some heart-warming moments. The second in the Bob Lowe Investigation series.

The Bizarre Case of the Suicide Killer – Zach J. Brodsky

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January 3rd, 2020 by Melanie3101

An amazing and incredibly busy year, for which I owe many thanks to the wonderful authors with whom I’ve worked.  An enormous variety of eighty-eight novels (almost six million words) have kept me entertained with romance, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, young adult, time travel, historical, memoirs, detective and mystery stories throughout 2019.

I wish all the authors with whom I’ve worked this year a wonderful 2020 and look forward to working with you again this year, as well as the new authors who’ve already booked for the year ahead.

It’s impossible to name everyone here, but some indication of the diversity of the work can be seen from the covers below.

The Door



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