J.C. Jarvis

I am a new fiction author who wisely chose Melanie Underwood to edit my manuscript. Everything was done quickly and ahead of the time frame I was expecting.

More importantly, Melanie’s editing is top drawer. Her command of the English language is outstanding. She not only showed me what wasn’t working but also why and suggested ideas for what did work (and why).

Melanie found several flaws in my manuscript and explained why they shouldn’t be there. Her knowledge of historical settings is incredible, and she helped me iron out many issues with both kindness and good explanations.

She is metaphorically holding my hand and helping me throughout the entire process, and I cannot ask for any more from an editor. As others have said, her service is unrivalled, well priced, and simply outstanding.

I will recommend Melanie to all my author friends. If anyone is looking for a top-class editor who will go out of her way to help you, then look no further than Melanie Underwood.


December 10th, 2019 by