Stacey Jameson

I completed a manuscript a few years ago, did some research and found what I thought to be a good editor.  The person who did my editing charged me an extortionate rate, had the manuscript for over two years and did not do the job professionally. I have since taken this editor to court, won the case, and got a full refund. In the interim period I was again looking for a new editor to work with. After my expensive and stressful experience I was very apprehensive about who to use.

So I put a post on the SPF writing community on Facebook looking for recommendations for a reliable editor who was good at their job. I approached Melanie about editing my book after a few people on the SPF writing community on Facebook highly recommended her. A lot of editors also responded to my post that they would not be prepared to edit my work for me in light of the fact that I was taking my previous editor to court (They probably thought I was trouble).

Melanie was not put off by my situation in any way, which indicated to me she had confidence in her work. I was surprised when I initially dealt with Melanie and she said she did not want any money up front until I saw the job and was satisfied with it. Whereas my previous editor had had money up front.

Melanie took less than a week to get my work back to me, and it didn’t suffer quality wise because she had completed it in such a short time. In fact I could not believe what a brilliant job she had done. What was really nice about Melanie was she was very friendly and approachable, and went the extra mile by explaining to me in great detail how the editing word application worked, because I was having trouble understanding it (I am not very technical). She made lots of suggestions too where really good changes could be made to the manuscript and I took her suggestions and used them.

After years of stress with my old editor, Melanie has been like a breath of fresh air to deal with. If only I would have used Melanie in the first place my book would have been published years ago. For such a professional service too I was pleased how decent and competitively priced her rates are. Again I cannot fault her for speed, price, and professionalism. She is so talented and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone. I am an extremely happy and satisfied customer.

June 16th, 2019 by