A wonderful opportunity for me to edit this volume of poetry, a change of genre that I thoroughly enjoyed and which provided new and interesting challenges.

Poetry has always provided a thoughtful view of our life and the society we create.

Author A.T.Melville offers a second volume of sixty short poems that give a thought-provoking insight into the challenges and problems of our modern society and personal lives.

Thought Molecules: Poems for the Brave New World (Volume Two) – A.T. Melville

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The Last Line conspiracy thriller series was edited and published between January and April 2016.

Betrayed and left for dead, elite ex-MI6 agent Jenna witnessed her sister’s brutal murder… Now she must set her past aside to stop a conspiracy from destroying the nation…

Fans of Russell Blake’s Jet series, LT Ryan, Mark Dawson, Stephen Konkoly and Alan McDermott will love Jenna and The Company’s adventures in this epic series. 

“Unputdownable… The best yet from Carter…” 

Solomon Carter is the author of the much loved Long Time Dying thriller series. If you love action thrillers, with strong female protagonists, you’ll love The Last Line. 

The Company is the nation’s last line of defence, Built around a ramshackle team of dissidents, deserters and has-beens, the clandestine operation is nowhere near ready. But ready or not they must fight, as a deadly enemy aims to bring the West to it’s knees. 

A high-speed, roller coast ride, with action, tension, twists and turns, The Last Line sees Jenna Royal and Eva Roberts living on the edge – and the free world on the brink of disaster. 

The Last Line – Solomon Carter

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September 12th, 2018 by Melanie