For an irreverent satirical take on some of the events in the news, I recommend the Rochdale Herald, but please note, I’ve not yet persuaded them to give me the job of editor! 🙂

This is just one example of what to expect:

Trump tells California to use prostitute piss to put fires out

POTATUS has offered to use Government money to harvest the piss of some Russian prostitutes to douse the fires in California.

A spokesman said, “POTATUS decidedly that he needed to do something practical to alleviate the situation. California is undergoing a drought at the moment so water is scarce. But water is perfect for putting fires out. That’s when POTATUS had a light bulb moment.”

An aide told us, “It was very reminiscent of Archimedes. POTATUS was sat in the bath playing with his bath golf set. He said that it’s a shame Californians don’t have access to Russian prostitutes. According to POTATUS they can piss like a racehorse. He once met one that could piss for 20 solid minutes.”

It’s alleged that POTATUS will seek Congressional approval to use funds to fly prostitutes over on his private jet. They will then be bussed to California where they will be encouraged to piss on the flames.

A spokesman told us, “POTATUS has offered to fly to Russia in person to source the best prostitutes. He’ll then fly back to Washington with them. It’s a 15 hour flight so he’s graciously offered to help harvest the piss on the plane. There will be several hundred bottles by the time he gets back.”

Vladimir Putin has denied that he has had any involvement in the scheme saying only that POTATUS is welcome to use a Moscow hotel to hold the selection day for the prostitutes.

It’s not clear if Melania will accompany POTATUS on the trip.

Rochdale Herald


Almost halfway through yet another remarkable insight into the inner workings of the US government by Bob Woodward.

Although full of reports and detailed accounts of events, Bob Woodward always employs his great skill as a journalist in writing about events in such a way as to make them eminently readable.


Fear: Trump in the White House – Bob Woodward

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After a very busy few weeks, I’ve made it back to my website!

I’ve just finished editing the latest novel by John Carson, the soon to be published The October Project – written by a Scot in New York state, set in America, and edited by a Brit whilst in India!

Another fast-paced thriller featuring Max Doyle.

The October Project

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September 12th, 2018 by Melanie