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January 24th, 2019 by Melanie

The final novel in this thirteen-book series was one of the earliest editing jobs I did for Solomon Carter back in December 2015!

Smoke rises on the horizon.

Dan Bradley and Eva Roberts arrive back in their home town after a chaotic case to discover their office has been burned to the ground. Physically exhausted and living under the shadow of their enemy, they must now track down the arsonist who has destroyed their base of operations. Dan has his suspicions. On the brink of collapse, Eva finds the bottle has never been more appealing.

Dan sets out to prove that the main suspects are innocent while Eva goes it alone to search for evidence to convict their nemesis. But when Dan is suddenly removed from the picture, Eva’s fate seems sealed… and Rowntree gets ever closer to realising his deepest, darkest desire. 

The game is rigged… The rules are changing… and eyes watch from the shadows. 
LTD13 Lucky for Some – Could it finally be checkmate for Eva Roberts?

One thing is certain -, private detectives Roberts and Bradley will need a damn sight more than luck to survive this final battle…

Lucky for Some – Solomon Carter

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January 24th, 2019 by Melanie

A thrilling debut novel by Magnus Booth, edited in November 2015.

It’s 1995 in Macau, not long before the handover of the peninsula state to the People’s Republic of China. The Portuguese want to get their affairs in order before the deadline, the Chinese eagerly await control, and the Triads vie to use the confusion to solidify their control of Macau.

Fixer Christopher Lee, a half-blood kwailo of British-Chinese descent, returns to the peninsula at the behest of an old friend on what seems like a simple courier job. He’d rather leave the politics of the East to his father, but the unexpected murder of his contact leaves him implicated in her death.

Nobody thinks he killed her. But that won’t stop them taking advantage of his desperation. Chris must find the real murderers, uncover the plot behind the package he had unwittingly smuggled into Macau, and do so before one of the groups conscripting him into their service loses patience.

The Coercion Game – Magnus Booth

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January 24th, 2019 by Melanie

The Black & Gold series is full of action and difficult, if not impossible, to put down.

Books one to seven in the series were published before I started working with Solomon, although I’ve since re-edited the entire series, and book nine, the finale, is on the way soon!

It’s time for a new type of hero…and a new kind of justice. Meet Simon, the Man in the Mask, the dark star of a thrilling new short read series… BLACK & GOLD

In a ghetto occupied by a ruthlessly violent youth gang, one man is ready to stand up for the silent majority, ready to do whatever it takes to claim back the night. One man… One mask… with enough righteous anger to bring the world crashing down upon their heads.

This man has no superpowers. He doesn’t wear a cape. He lives in a bruised and battered world just like the one outside your window. He has watched his hometown fall into the clutches of deadly crime and corruption. And he can stand no more. Tonight, the evil young gang making the headlines are about to face their judgement

But the vigilante is not alone. Discovering that the troublesome young blonde has followed him into deadly danger, the man in the mask has a dilemma. Can he survive the onslaught while fighting her another’s life?

BLACK & GOLD is the first instalment of the Black & Gold short read series – an epic Vigilante Justice Action and Crime Thriller Adventure. It’s fast paced and action packed to the very end!

Each book is a fast-paced short read designed to be read in one thrilling sitting.

Black & Gold Box Set – Solomon Carter

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January 10th, 2019 by Melanie

The book that started my professional career as an Editor after I contacted Sean Campbell with my feedback on this brilliant novel.

His response and encouragement were invaluable and it is wonderful to be able to combine my years of experience as an Executive Secretary with my love of language and reading so that I now spend my time doing work that I adore.

“90 Days

I’m shocked, delighted and ashamed this afternoon. Dead on Demand has been out since 2012, and it’s been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times in the last three years. It’s been read (and enjoyed, hated and everything in-between) by thousands of readers in that time.

We had professional editors go through it on release, after our big free run (the first 55,500 copies went in just 5 days in September 2012) and again when standardizing our formatting for the release of Cleaver Square.

Despite that I had an email from an eagle-eyed reader this afternoon with a laundry list of typographical issues to fix – which I’ve immediately done. My apologies for letting these slip through the net. We’re putting in place extra editing for the fourth book to try ensure as little as possible slips through. It just goes to prove what I said in my last post – decent editors are worth their weight in gold.

I’m hoping Amazon will push the update out to existing readers, but if you’d like a fixed copy immediately please send me a message and I will email over a .mobi file.

As ever Dead on Demand is free so please feel free to share a copy with a friend. We don’t use DRM so the file can be converted for use on any ereader you like, and we have an audio version available on request if you need it. [sic]”

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January 9th, 2019 by Melanie

The finale to the series, edited in November 2016.

The Victors know nothing but war. It has shaped them and changed them in ways that they didn’t think possible.

Now is not the time to lament on the friends lost, the wounds gained. The medics might be able to patch them up, but they can’t heal their minds. 

Harmony is making their play for Earth, and the Troopers will be there to greet them. The Victors are finally going home over 200 years since they left for Sacremon.

The last system-wide battle between the EHC and Harmony is about to begin.

Earth – Michael Chatfield

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