A Different Kind of Love – Emma Kendall

Edited in February, this is the second in the Adele Fox, autistic romance series.


Autistic… In love… And ready to start the next chapter in her life.

Not only has Adele Fox found her dream man, she’s also found a new home, a new job and a host of other dilemmas to go with it.

Faced with new environments, unpredictability, miscommunication, change, and meeting new people—put them all together and what do you get…? A social nightmare!

When Adele’s differences complicate matters with her new work colleagues, she takes a trip back to her familiar life in London, where an old flame from her past unexpectedly returns, throwing her life into a spin, which leads her to question:

Was the huge life change worth it? Was it the right decision? Is she capable of being loved?

Inspiring, romantic, emotional… lose yourself in the autistic mind of Adele Fox.

From the author of Making Sense of Love, Perfectly Autistic, Autistic Christmas and Autism Masking.

A Different Kind of Love

May 8th, 2021 by