A.T. Melville

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The Author’s first involvement with time distortion events occurred as a young student, documenting the temporal anomaly that was detected during the disc crash investigation at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. The Author worked for the ******* Corporation in California to develop time anomaly detection methods and later with the still existing group in Alaska, *******. We researched the time cascade event in 1962 in Brazil, and the more serious cascade with time-paradox and local time-reversal in Montana, USA in ****. A recent discovery of a worm hole and the related temporal cascades was made by ****Corp, a company contracted by NASA. This event was recorded by the Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity. It is fortunate that the worm-hole occurred on Mars as the consequences on the current and already troublesome time-paradox ripples on Earth would be too difficult to predict.Of course, many of these and other important events have been turned into books and films. The best film, in the author’s opinion, is ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)’. The saucer really landed in the Chihuahuan Desert and not Washington, D.C. Other examples of real events that have been written into fiction are Solaris, The Stepford Wives, The Martian Chronicles, Close Encounters and Contact.
There are many other excellent works of supposed fiction, too many to mention. In the first instance, Fiction is the best medium for this kind of information. If these stories were told and documented as truth, it would be too difficult and shocking to accept. However, in story form, the information is more easily accepted and understood. Of course this is paradoxical, but the future mind is better prepared in this way.

The Author is now retired.

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