Code of Silence – Phillip Jordan

Edited in mid-March this is a gripping story and almost impossible to put down. It’s hard to believe that it’s a debut novel and is one of the best detective stories I’ve read in many years.


Belfast. A still divided city rising from the ashes of its past.

Detective Inspector Veronica Taylor has staked her all in bringing down the corrupt magnate and paramilitary godfather, Gordon ‘Monster’ Beattie and the prosecution has ended in failure.

For Beattie, his exoneration has come at a price, indebted to a shadowy global organisation seeking to exploit his insidious criminal empire for their own gain.

When the murder of a ruthless criminal plunges the two opponents again into conflict, Taylor comes under increasing pressure from superiors in how to direct her case and Beattie is forced to face the consequences of his newly secured freedom.

As it becomes clear the killer’s thirst for murder may not be randomly orientated but an organised and brutal retribution, Beattie confronts the lie that built his empire and Taylor is forced to face her demons.

Caught between her duty to intervene and her desire to let vengeance run its bloody course she finds herself trapped between exposing a revelation that could shatter the fragile peace and plunge her city back to violence or complicit in the CODE OF SILENCE.


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