Federation and Earth – Tony Harmsworth

The latest book by Tony Harmsworth, the brilliant science fiction writer, is now available for pre-order.  For anyone who thinks sci-fi is not for them, Tony’s novels may well change your mind.

Federation & Earth – is book two in the Federation Trilogy. It is coming soon. Publication date is 2nd November. To secure your copy, pre-order now. Reading Federation first is absolutely essential.

After the dramatic and unexpected turn of events at the end of the first book, Earth is left with several factions trying to resolve the situation. The new president of the USA is trying to secure his hold on power, while a new group who have named themselves FREE AMERICA, is trying to overthrow what it considers an illegitimate regime.

Elsewhere, the new Secretary General of the United Nations is working with the smaller Security Coucil to try to bring the rest of the world together after the events at the end of the book one. Can the aliens be convinced to provide help or are they just going to watch from orbit?

Take a care. You won’t enjoy this story unless you are open to political concepts which could never work on Earth as it is before the trilogy begins i.e. now. If you like speculative fiction, open your mind and enjoy the adventure. This book is like Marmite [look it up], you will either love it or hate it!


Federation and Earth – Amazon UK

October 12th, 2019 by