Green Door – Tony Harmsworth

This is the first novel I’ve edited for Tony Harmsworth and I loved it.  I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards sci-fi, but this is incredibly well written with a strong grounding in science and the environmental issues facing the planet today.

Well worth reading and, if you’ve never thought of reading sci-fi before, I highly recommend this as a great introduction to the genre.

Henry Mackay and his dog regularly walk alongside an ancient convent wall. Today, as he passes the green door, he glances at its peeling paint. Moments later he stops dead in his tracks. He returns to the spot, and all he sees is an ivy-covered wall. The door has vanished!

He unwittingly embarks on an exciting trail of events with twists, turns, quantum entanglement and temporal anomalies. It becomes an unbelievable adventure to save humanity.

Green Door – Tony Harmsworth

May 7th, 2019 by