Hidden Federation – Tony Harmsworth

Edited in June 2020, this is the final novel in the brilliant Federation series.

Alien university professor and author, Yol Rummy Blin Breganin, continues his research on the planet Earth. He introduces, into this final volume, some stories from the distant past of the Federation, which provide a greater insight into the vast alien empire.

In the only free and independent part of the planet Earth – the United States of America – the populace is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the growing authoritarianism. With California in revolt, can the USA retain its own independence in this rebellious climate?

Elsewhere on Earth, in the Federation territories, is life becoming too comfortable for the ordinary humans? Will the world be allowed to settle down to its life of luxury or will it turn the new utopia into hell as it has always done in the past?

The final part of the Federation Trilogy includes disastrous Federation actions from yester-millennium and internal galactic civil wars as the Federation develops from a union, through an empire into the Federation the Earth encounters today.

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