I Remember When They Taught Cows to Talk – John Morris

Edited in April, this is a fascinating and informative insight into caring for someone with dementia.

This is a deliberately short book that is to the point and highlights the essential processes for carers of people with dementia. It covers the fundamentals of dementia care as well as the associated administrative aspects, from applying for lasting power of attorney to financing a stay in a care home.

The title of the book is taken directly from something the author’s father said. As the dementia started to take hold, his father’s vocabulary diminished and, in attempts to communicate, he would create new words to fill the void. This surreal wordplay is used as the chapter titles and more.

Although its main purpose is to disseminate information, it is an easy read that induces both tears and laughter.

The book is an ideal first port of call for carers, and plenty of links to websites are included in the endnotes so topics can be explored further. They are also available as QR codes in the paperback version.


I Remember When They Taught Cows To Talk – Amazon

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