Memories Full of Love – Emma Kendall

Edited in mid-April, Memories Full of Love is now available for pre-order.


Autistic… newly married… and trying to fit into a new family.

As Adele Fox enters married life as Mrs Beeton, not only does she have to adjust to becoming a wife, she also has to form a relationship with her husband’s parents.

Travelling to America, staying in a new environment, and learning to deal with a challenging mother-in-law… what could possibly go wrong?

Whilst on their honeymoon, Adele unexpectedly finds out about a Beeton family secret that has been kept hidden and buried for years. Not wanting to create a family feud, Adele keeps this to herself… that is until she’s driven to speak out.
As Adele settles into her new life and routine, an impromptu change pressures her to keep a secret of her own.
Little does she know, what she says, and what she hides will have consequences and could ruin her marriage.

Does Adele ruin her relationship with her new family?
Will she overcome and reveal her own secret?

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