Mind Sight – Rob Nesbitt

Edited in January this is the fourth in the space series featuring U-SAM and her intrepid, eclectic crew.

Accused of murder by a corrupt faction at the head of the Federation. Space pirates seeking revenge. A treacherous queen with extraordinary powers and a whole Federation space fleet in pursuit. What are the chances of survival?

U-SAM and the crew of the Apollo Explorer have to be at their very best to overcome impossible odds with the unlikely help from ancient aliens discovered in open space.

Mind Sight is the fourth book in the Rob Nesbitt U-SAM sci-fi action, adventure series continuing this intriguing and exciting space opera drama, with girl hero commander U-SAM and her quirky and exceptionally talented crew. Fast-paced space travel fiction, engaging characters, deadly extra-terrestrial forces and a strong female protagonist will keep you on a knife-edge in the darkest corners of the universe.


Mind Sight – Rob Nesbitt

The previous books in the series were edited during the last few months of 2020.

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