Rebwar – Dr Gul – Ols Schaber

Edited in March 2021, this is the fourth in the series.

His life turned upside down in the blink of an eye. With his family at stake, will this investigator come out on top or end up in the gutter?

London. Rebwar feels like he’s hit rock bottom. After his wife took their son and left, the former Iranian soldier finds himself stuck in a dead-end job as a security guard and still under the thumb of a clandestine organization. And when the next mission he’s assigned is to uncover who killed a man and dumped him in the sewer, it quickly gets personal when the victim is revealed to be an old friend.

Surprised to learn his acquaintance was recently fired from his position at a pharmaceutical company, Rebwar falls down a rabbit hole into a high-stakes drug ring. And after discovering his estranged spouse was having an affair with the deceased, the desperate immigrant is in a race against time to find his broken family before they’re crossed off the hit list.

Can he rescue his loved ones, or are they soon to be wasted?

Dr Gul is the fourth book in the fast-paced Rebwar crime thriller series. If you like relentless investigations, captivating characters, and action-packed drama, then you’ll adore Ols Schaber’s page-turning story.


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