Starship Renegades: Buccaneer – S.J. Bryant

Edited in August, this is the fourth instalment in the Starship Renegades series.

Betrayal. Poison. Almost Certain Death.

Space Pirates. They’re the stuff of B-grade action movies, right?

So Kari thought, until she and her companions are captured by a swaggering captain with a cutlass. The lying traitor on board her ship set a trap, and she walked right into it.

Captain Blanchard wants to sell Kari and her companions into slavery. There’s only one thing for it: escape, and damn the trail of bodies.

If they can’t escape, they’re doomed to lives of servitude. There’s just one problem: Kari and her crew have no resources, no allies, and no hope.

If you like sword fights in space, long odds, and massive space stations, then you’ll love Starship Renegades: Buccaneer.

Available for pre-order now. Starship Renegades: Buccaneer – S.J. Bryant

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