The Autumn Posy – Michelle Vernal

Edited last week, the latest novel by Michelle Vernal is the first in a new series and as with all her novels is difficult to put down.

She went looking for answers. She discovered a completely different era.

In 1963 three-year-old Sabrina is a foundling left on the streets of Liverpool. She’s taken in and raised by Evelyn Flooks the feisty proprietor of Brides of Bold Street. Now a young woman, Sabrina has followed in her Aunt Evie’s footsteps and creates dream wedding dresses for the brides-to-be who cross their threshold.

When Sabrina meets dark-eyed Adam she’s instantly smitten but after he shares a story about a mysterious woman proclaiming to be from another time, Sabrina begins to wonder whether her mother abandoned her after all.

In search of answers, she trawls the mysterious pocket of Bold Street where she was found and is shocked to be flung back in time to 1928.

Taking a position in the kitchen at a manor house on leafy Allerton Road, Sabrina befriends a housemaid with starry-eyed dreams. And when she agrees to assist her new acquaintance in winning the heart of their mistress’s son, she has no idea of the consequences they’ll both suffer…

And what happened to her mother?

The Autumn Posy is the heartfelt first book in the new Liverpool Brides historical women’s fiction series. If you like charming characters, delightful humour, and intriguing mysteries, then you’ll love Michelle Vernal’s captivating tale.

October 28th, 2020 by