The Bari Bones – Urcelia Teixeira

Edited last week, this fast-paced thriller is now available for pre-order.

The world knows him as Santa Claus or Father Christmas, but his official name has been Saint Nicholas of Myra for over seventeen hundred years, and someone will kill over one gift he’s left behind.

When Alex and Sam take a vacation on board a chartered yacht in the Adriatic, their tranquil escape comes to a grinding halt. In the wrong place at the wrong time, they are drawn into a world of biochemical warfare threatening to destroy countless innocent lives.

What lurks at the center of it all are the remains of a seventeen-hundred-year-old Christian saint whose bones secrete a liquid believed to possess immense healing powers. For centuries the Roman Catholic Church in Italy has kept the elixir sacred; extracted only once a year to heal the sick. However, things go dreadfully wrong, and the revered fluid goes missing.

Now, relying on their unique skills and valor to take on a powerful enemy, Alex and Sam are in a race against time to find the essence and prevent it from landing in the wrong hands. Will they have what is necessary to stop a ruthless enemy before millions of innocent people die?

Join them in another riveting adventure as they travel between China, Greece, and Italy in a quest to save the world!

Inspired by real historical facts and events. The Bari Bones is Book 5 in the action-packed Alex Hunt Adventure Thriller series.

Also suitable as a standalone novel.

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