The Dancer – Michelle Vernal

Edited in May, The Dancer is the delightful sequel to The Promise.


Can you change the story of your life?

Former dancer Veronica Stanley’s dreams died a long time ago. She feels trapped in a midlife crisis. She’s got teenage sons, a needy sister and her mother is in a care home.

Veronica also has a secret.

She gave Isabel, her firstborn child up for adoption and struggles to forgive herself for that long-ago decision.

She’s not the only one in the family hiding something though and when Veronica uncovers a secret in her family’s history it casts everything in a fresh light.

But one more earth-shattering revelation postmarked from the British, Isle of Wight is about to arrive in the mail …

Entertaining women’s fiction set against a sweeping British Isles backdrop from an Award winning author.


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November 8th, 2020 by