The Lighthouse at Devil’s Point – Gary P Moss

Edited in April, this psychological thriller keeps you guessing.

Tim Collins is terrified of deep water. But he has no idea why.

Michael Firth, a former lighthouse keeper on Scotland’s west coast, barely remembers a disturbing, tantalising woman from his past. And now dementia is blurring more than just the edges of that memory.

Sara Palmer knows the reason for Tim’s phobia and remembers her brief, passionate time with the lighthouse keeper as if it were yesterday. With a new name, she forged ahead with her life, leaving Tim and Michael to pick up the pieces without her.

But thirty-five years on, all three of their lives are about to collide.

Thirty-five years ago, there was talk of attempted murder. Has Sara changed? And if she hasn’t, will anyone remember in time?

Domestic suspense meets dark psychological thriller.

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