The Mysterious Case of the Missing Tuk-Tuk

Edited in September, this wonderfully quirky tale will be available from 1st December.

Bob sat in his office and looked out at the people rushing through the mall. It was 10:30am, rather late for people to be on their way to work, he mused to himself. He called it his ‘office’, but on this day he was perched in ‘Coffee Corner’, a mediocre café in the corner of the ground floor of a small mall, near to Asok Skytrain station and attached to an office block. He had skirted by Starbucks on the way in and chuckled to himself. There were people paying a hundred baht and upwards for a coffee, some of the frappé-whatsits were nearer to two hundred. At Coffee Corner it was thirty-five baht for a hot black coffee. It suited Bob Lowe perfectly. He didn’t always have an office base as such, but on this Monday morning he actually had some work to do, or potential work. Bob Lowe’s Private Investigation service with its tagline of ‘no job too small’, had been running for nearly six months and business was slow off the ground, to say the least. Bob’s low-cost, means-tested, limited advertising business model was not proving totally effective.

“Time, my dear Susie. We must give it time,” Bob had repeatedly said to his friend and supposed business partner, Susie Hoare. Her role as business partner was at present confined to listening to Lowe’s musings and rants and allowing him to sleep on her sofa. He had quickly realised that with no guaranteed salary and his backup funds running seriously low, that rent was a luxury he simply couldn’t afford… read more

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