The Quantum Curators

A couple of great stories edited at the end of March and early April, these are based on a wonderfully entertaining concept.


Death or Glory – just another day in the office for these time travelling relic curators

‘I loved the book. I bought it on my Kindle and really enjoyed it. It came up as a recommendation after I read the Rivers of London series and I am very grateful to the people who suggested it.’

I so enjoyed your book. I read it on KU, and then bought it!


Death or Glory – just another day in the office.

When a priceless Fabergé egg comes to light everyone is after it. Neith Salah is a quantum curator. It’s her mission to get the egg; she doesn’t know what it looks like, or where it is, but she knows it’s not on her earth.

Julius Strathclyde lives on a parallel earth. He’s a Cambridge professor and an archivist; he loves tea, research and a quiet life. It’s a pity then, that he’s the only person alive who knows where the egg is.

She has guns and attitude, he has a fountain pen. Together they are going to have to race against time to save the egg, before a hidden enemy gets there first.

For fans of Ben AaronovitchGenevieve Cogman, Doctor Who and Jodi Taylor. You are going to LOVE this.

Download this fast-paced, witty novel today and enjoy a new take on adventure.

The Quantum Curators and the Faberge Egg


That belongs in a museum!

Julius Strathclyde has been dragged through to an alternative earth. Now, training as a quantum curator, every ancient book, every stolen gem and every lost masterpiece lies at his fingertips. It’s incredible.

But he has some problems; he can’t get home, priceless artefacts are being stolen and someone is trying to kill him. Oh, and he can’t get a decent cup of tea anywhere.

Following the disastrous Fabergé assignment, Neith Salah is blinded by grief and rage, she’s hardly a stable companion, but she’s the only one he trusts. From the Titanic to the Blitz and through Medieval France, they race to save treasures and their own skins.

As their unknown enemies draw closer, can they stay alive and reveal who is behind the looting of the museum?

The Quantum Curators and the Enemy Within

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