A Deadly Vice – Jack Probyn

Proofread in the second week of May this novella introduces the Jake Tanner crime series.


There’s no fate worse than inheriting a dead man’s debt. 

Jake Tanner, a trainee detective constable with Croydon CID, is eager to impress his bosses. So when a body is found face-down in the city’s farmlands, head crushed, split in two, Jake jumps at the opportunity.

The victim is soon identified as Zeke Harrison. A successful businessman and philanthropist. A man who had it all.

But, as the investigation into his death develops, it becomes clear that Zeke had more secrets than success.

And he had his debts – debts that got him killed.

But now they’ve been passed on to someone else. And Jake must find out to whom before history repeats itself.


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