The Deadly Mind – Solomon Carter

Edited the second week in May, this is the page-turning finale to the latest DI Hogarth crime thriller series.


A shocking discovery is found one dark morning. Hogarth arrives to start the investigation, but things quickly fall apart.

And his team is on the brink of collapse.

DI Hogarth must tread a narrow path to keep his job and hold his team together. But his biggest priority must be finding the ruthless killer who hung a dead man in a tree.

Yet the closer Hogarth gets, the deeper he gets caught in a mire which looks ready to smother him for good.

Temptation. Obession. Grim Determination.

Some of Hogarth’s qualities make him a winner. Some could yet be his final downfall. 

In a thrilling conclusion, DI Hogarth must uncover the dirty truth or lose everything he holds dear.

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