Born to Love – Jax Burrows

Edited in March 2021 this is a delightful Christmas tale and the fourth in the O’Connors series. Now available to pre-order.

She has impossible standards. He failed as a dad. Can their passion for helping others kindle an eternal flame?

Northern England. Josie O’Connor is through being the midwife and never the mother. Except the thirty-year-old’s exacting requirements of looks, intellect, and personality means she’s busy delivering delight to other families while only loneliness awaits her at home. And any chance of Christmas cheer seems all but lost when she’s rescued from a blizzard by a grumpy doctor.

Obstetrician Charles Atkins never dreamed he’d lose his family to a monied businessman. Armed with a bottle of whiskey to drown his sorrows, he heads north to his cottage only to stumble across a marooned woman in dire need of shelter. Now forced to put his painful introspection on hold, he’s surprised when his broken heart unexpectedly warms to his capable guest.

As Josie returns to work, she’s amazed to discover the dashing OB has joined her maternity unit and wonders if there’s more to their attraction than a holiday fling. And Charles’s ongoing struggle to reconnect with his estranged daughter makes him wary of risking a complicated new commitment.

Can they leave their doubts behind them and agree they’re a perfect match?

Born to Love is the moving fourth book in the O’Connors contemporary medical romance series. If you like intriguing characters, emotional twists, and authentic bonds, you’ll adore Jax Burrows’s uplifting tale.


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