Never Too Late – Jax Burrows

Edited in September 2020, this is the third book in the O’Connors series.


A routine call-out.
A smashed up Mercedes.
A woman stunned and bleeding at the wheel.

Caitlin Hewitt has been engaged to Brandon Dodds for what feels like forever. She is in love and believes he loves her. The night before the wedding her best friend, Sophie, tells her something that changes everything.

It was a normal Saturday for paramedic, Jay O’Connor. If he ignored the fact that Caitlin Hewitt, the woman he loved was, at that moment, marrying another man.

Jay expected the call-out to attend a young woman who had crashed her car in the middle of Leytonsfield town centre, to be routine.

The last person he expected to see was Caitlin – in her wedding dress.

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