Dark Descent – Paul Rix

Edited in July 2020, this action-packed sci-fi novel follows the tight-knit bounty hunters on their mission.

Oz Garrett face his most severe challenge as his is world ripped away.

Colonel Lane’s bounty hunters have developed a fierce reputation for efficient success during the ten years since they came together. They’re a tight unit. With their base now located in an asteroid hollowed out by an ancient extinct race, they can track down bolters anywhere across the Stellar Cluster.

Drani III. An innocuous planet in the Bevas Sector. A standard retrieval mission for the bounty hunters. And the start of Oz Garrett’s nightmare. The mission soon descends into a battle for survival, testing all of Garrett’s resolve.

With the lives of his friends and loved ones in danger, can Garrett overcome physical injury and mental torture to unravel the terrible truth.

If you like gripping science fiction, enthralling action and intriguing characters then you’ll love this Oz Garrett novel.

Buy Dark Descent today for an epic adventure that traverses the vast expanses of the Stellar Cluster.


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