Scotland’s Bloody History – Tony Harmsworth

Edited in June 2020, this book delves into the past to reveal the secrets of Scotland’s history.

Ever been confused about Scotland’s history – all the relationships between kings and queens, both Scottish and English? Why all the battles, massacres and disputes? Scotland’s Bloody History simplifies it all.

Discover the history of Scotland from prehistoric man to the current Scottish Nationalist government. Follow the time-line from the stone-age, through the bronze age and the iron age. Find out about the Picts, the Scots, the Vikings and the English. Learn about the election of Scotland’s early kings and how Shakespeare maligned one of its finest monarchs.

In simple, chronological order, this book will show you how the animosity between England and Scotland grew into outright warfare including tales of Braveheart and wars of independence.

Tony Harmsworth has taken the bloodiest events of the last three thousand years and used those to clarify the sequence of events. Don’t buy this book to learn the boring stuff, this book is packed with action from page one to the final three words which might haunt you over the next decade.

Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots, the Stewarts and Jacobites. It is all there. Explore Scotland’s Bloody History now!

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