Dead Before You Die – John Carson

Edited immediately prior to Christmas, the latest in the crime thriller series featuring Harry McNeil is now available.

A killer on the rampage. A detective standing in his way…

As a winter storm covers the city, the frozen corpse of a female is found inside a pile of snow outside Hector Mann’s house. There’s no identity on her, but Hector recognises her. She’s a woman from his past.

DCI Harry McNeil is called in with his team to start the investigation but right from the start, things don’t add up. Does Mann know more than he’s letting on?

DCI Jimmy Dunbar is sent through from Glasgow to join the investigation. They have a cold case murder from two years ago very similar to this one. Coincidence, or more? What is the connection between that murder and this one?

Harry is brought in for questioning by his old department, Professional Standards. His ex-girlfriend is being stalked and she’s pointing the finger at Harry. Suddenly things are not looking good for him.

Harry not only needs to track down a vicious serial killer but somebody who is intent on bringing him to his knees.

Can he catch a killer before his life is not only turned upside down, but ended? As time is running out, Harry is racing against the clock to stop one of the most frightening and lethal killers he’s ever dealt with.

Dead Before You Die – John Carson

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