Return to Evil – John Carson

Re-edited in November and relaunched as the first in the Harry McNeil crime series.

** DISCLAIMER – previously published as GOD COMPLEX. This novel has been re-written and re-branded to feature Harry McNeil as the main protagonist. It has been re-edited and God Complex will no longer be available on or around Dec 26 2019 when it finishes its run on KDP. If you have read God Complex please DO NOT buy this book. It is essentially the same, with editorial revisions.

A woman is found in a local cemetery, crushed to death under a gravestone. A production company is there, filming the remake of a classic sci-fi TV show in the grounds, making the investigation more difficult for DCI Harry McNeil.

It’s his first day in charge of the cold case unit in Edinburgh. After spending four years in Professional Standards, he has little choice but to take the promotion. The Crown Office decides which cold cases should be reviewed, and this time, they’ve decided the murder of a teenage girl from twenty years ago should be re-opened. A girl who was murdered by somebody pushing a gravestone on top of her…

The case gets more complicated when they find out who the latest victim is. Suddenly there are no shortage of suspects.

As the filming continues, so does the killing. And McNeil wonders, has a killer been murdering for twenty years? Or is this case completely unconnected? With Frank Miller’s help, he’s going to find out…the hard way…

Return to Evil – John Carson

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