Deception – Paul Rix

Edited in September, the prequel to the Mars Frontier series, tells the story of the first manned mission to Mars.

Falcon is carrying humanity’s first manned mission to Mars in 2028. Four courageous astronauts are putting their lives on the line as the world eagerly watches.

As the astronauts struggle to survive isolation, insecurities, and each other, can they set mankind on the path to the stars?

For veteran Flight Director Douglas Schmidt, something doesn’t feel right. He’s been in NASA long enough to know when critical information is being withheld. Can he lay his fears to rest before the astronauts reach Mars? Little does he know that the NASA Administrator is hiding a secret. A secret that began when Falcon was built. A secret that could ultimately doom Falcon and its crew.

Deception is the prequel to the highly anticipated sci-fi human colonization series, Mars Frontier. If you like The Expanse or The Martian Chronicles, then you’ll love Paul Rix’s brand new human adventure to Mars.

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Deception –

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