Discovery – Paul Rix

Edited in August, Discovery, the first in the Mars Frontier Series is full of intrigue.


Mars! Mankind’s next step in space exploration and colonization. Landing is the easy part. Survival? Well that’s another matter.

Mission specialist Georgia Pyke came to Mars with grand ideas to establish a legacy. Instead, she must face her personal demons and rely on Captain Winter to survive from one day to the next. Has she condemned herself to a lingering death on Mars?

As if inhospitable Mars isn’t a sufficient adversary for the astronauts, one of their own has been holding a grudge for six years. How far is that person prepared to go to exact their revenge?

The mission quickly becomes a matter of life and death for the twelve astronauts. As they struggle to establish a foothold on Mars, something is lurking out of sight. Something that will change them forever.

Discovery is the first book in the highly anticipated sci-fi human colonization series, Mars Frontier. If you like The Expanse or The Martian Chronicles, then you’ll love Paul Rix’s brand new human adventure to Mars.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced action adventure, get your copy of Discovery today!

Discovery –

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