Into Thin Air – Phillip Jordan

Edited last week, this is the second in the excellent new series of thrilling page-turners by Phillip Jordan.

Aido Quinn went for a run and didn’t come back.

For his distraught wife, Aoife, the disappearance of a much-loved family man has plunged her down a well of desperate grief. For his friend and business partner, Jackie Mahood, it brings deep distrust.

The discovery that Aido Quinn had been hiding personal financial troubles from them both and that his recent actions have put a valuable company expansion in jeopardy leave the business facing an uncertain future.

In the void left behind, family, friends and colleagues are torn in bitter conflict as they try to pick up the shattered pieces of Quinn’s seemingly selfish actions.

Detective Inspector Veronica Taylor investigates how a man who on the surface had it all; model wife, a young family and is the toast of his professional peers can suddenly vanish INTO THIN AIR.

INTO THIN AIR is a Detective Inspector Veronica Taylor case-file and part of the gripping Belfast Crime Series.

Explore the historic yet infamous city of Belfast in this lightning-fast police procedural from a new voice in British and Irish crime fiction.

For fans of Ian Rankin, Stuart Neville, Adrian McKinty and Stuart Macbride and the NETFLIX Series ‘THE FALL’ and ‘LINE OF DUTY’ and the recent BBC hit ‘BLOODLANDS’.



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