A Baby at O’Mara’s – Michelle Vernal

The tenth in this wonderfully entertaining, feel-good series about the O’Mara family was finished this morning and is now available for pre-order.

Every guest who comes to stay at O’Mara’s Guesthouse in Dublin has a story to tell. The little red fox who visits the bins in the courtyard has a tale of his own as do the long-serving staff, and the O’Mara family themselves have had their fair share of ups and downs too…

Moira O’Mara. The girl who was as flighty as the swallows migrating to Ireland’s shores each spring has finally settled down. She’s a new mammy with a loving partner in Tom, but Moira’s never been more uncertain in her life about whether she’s up for the job.

How can the girl who once thought she knew it all suddenly feel like she knows nothing?

Nina juggles waiting tables at a Dublin restaurant with working evening shifts at the guesthouse. She yearns for her Spanish home and can’t tell anyone the real reason why.

What brought her to Dublin and what or who did she leave behind in Spain?

Nina and Moira are both struggling but sometimes the strength you need to get you through can be found in unexpected places.

A Baby at O’Mara’s – Amazon UK

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