Michelle Vernal – O’Mara’s

The latest two novels in this lovely heart-warming series filled with humour.

‘If you love Maeve Binchy, you’ll love this series.’ Reader Review

An Irish guesthouse, three sisters and their bossy boots mammy in this laugh out loud series about the trials and tribulations of the O’Mara family…

Mammy otherwise known as Maureen O’Mara has had a lot of changes these last few years. She lost her beloved husband, Brian, had a fresh start by the seaside away from the family guesthouse and took up numerous new hobbies, the most recent being line dancing. She’s ready to make one more big change too, because she’s met a man. Not just any man either. A man who makes her smile, has her humming country music tunes and tapping her toes to the beat. He’s also someone who understands the pain of losing a spouse.

Maureen would like to keep things as they are, but he’s making noises about introducing her to his family and she can’t put him off forever. He wants to meet her girls

too but what happens when your children have their late parent on a pedestal? And what will her girls have to say when they find out about their mammy’s new manfriend’s interesting erm, hobby?

Witty, sad and insightful with a touch of romance. Come and stay at O’Mara’s.

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