Ruthless – Sharon M. Thompson

The third in this cleverly written, complex revenge thriller series by Sharon M. Thompson is another thrilling page turner.

One secret. Three dead. And its not over yet.  

It’s twelve months since Jasmine Steele forced Steve’s hand. She’s naïve, and awkward, and continues to dig for answers.  But caring for people has given Steve a way to get even with Jasmine. How will she react when faced with death again?

After rehab Madison Hacket starts a new life. But Steve—her father—won’t let go and persuades her to help destroy Jasmine’s business. Will Madison follow through with the plan or will her desire to start over make her stop?

Steve Hacket wants what he wants. And he’ll do anything, to make his family help. What secret will Steve share to destroy everyone?

RUTHLESS is the much anticipated third book in the LAYERED REVENGE THRILLER SERIES—Jasmine’s quest to uncover the truth. 



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