The Kiss Goodnight – Solomon Carter

The long awaited finale to the Black and Gold series, The Kiss Goodnight is now available.

For the very last time, we’re back in 2015. And Simon stands at the precipice… 

A foreign hitman called Grozdan has just landed in town. 

Grozdan has come to wipe out Alex Galvan and eliminate all remaining threats to Borsch’s complete domination – and Simon is top of his hit list. But even if Simon survives Grozdan – he must get past the devious DS Martin, a cop as slippery as they come. 

And Borsch is waiting – the master-gangster who would be king. 

Meanwhile the course of love runs far from smooth. 

Has Jess lost Simon to a past flame? 
Simon may lose Jess to a new one… 

Last time out it was Love and War.
This time, it really is The Kiss Goodnight.  

The very last instalment of The Black and Gold vigilante justice crime thriller series.

Will Simon survive the battle of his life?

July 21st, 2019 by