June 6th, 2019 by Melanie3101

I loved editing this brilliant book by Tony Harmsworth and would recommend it to anyone. If you’ve never thought sci-fi was your scene, then you should give this novel a try—it has enormous relevance to the world we live in today.


The Door – Tony Harmsworth

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May 24th, 2019 by Melanie3101

Another brilliant series by Solomon Carter featuring DI Hogarth.

Full of twists and turns, DI Hogarth is bending the rules to breaking point, trying to solve a series of crimes and cope with an irascible boss who is seemingly going off the rails.  Add to this the complications of his relationships, past and present, with the women in his life and once again, Solomon has written a fast-paced series that is difficult to put down and keeps you guessing until the end.

Available now on Amazon.

The Secret Fear – Solomon Carter

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May 7th, 2019 by Melanie3101

I’ve just finished editing the first novel in what should be a fantastic new series by John Carson. This fast-paced thriller featuring Scott Marshall and his trusty sidekick, Atticus, will be almost impossible to put down.

Four years ago, FBI Special Agent Scott Marshall and his team were hunting a serial killer in a small town in Upstate New York. Women were being abducted and murdered, then their corpses were displayed in open shallow graves.

Marshall’s FBI partner, Jessie Kent, was taken. During the hunt for her, Marshall tracked the killer down, but he was shot five times and left for dead. Less than an hour later, the killer took his own life.

None of the remaining victims were ever found.

Until now…

Old Habits – John Carson

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May 7th, 2019 by Melanie3101

This is the first novel I’ve edited for Tony Harmsworth and I loved it.  I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards sci-fi, but this is incredibly well written with a strong grounding in science and the environmental issues facing the planet today.

Well worth reading and, if you’ve never thought of reading sci-fi before, I highly recommend this as a great introduction to the genre.

Henry Mackay and his dog regularly walk alongside an ancient convent wall. Today, as he passes the green door, he glances at its peeling paint. Moments later he stops dead in his tracks. He returns to the spot, and all he sees is an ivy-covered wall. The door has vanished!

He unwittingly embarks on an exciting trail of events with twists, turns, quantum entanglement and temporal anomalies. It becomes an unbelievable adventure to save humanity.

Green Door – Tony Harmsworth

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May 7th, 2019 by Melanie3101

The second brilliant novel that I’ve edited for Tony Harmsworth – a gripping read grounded in hard science fiction with an enormous relevance to the political situation in the world today.

A fascinating and in parts shocking read.

FEDERATION takes close encounters to a whole new level. A galactic empire of a quarter of a million worlds stumbles across the Earth. With elements of a political thriller, there is an intriguing storyline which addresses the environmental and social problems faced by the world today.

The aliens’ philosophy on life is totally unexpected. With the help of intelligent automatons, they’ve turned what many on Earth felt was a reviled political system into a utopia for the masses, but are they a force for good or evil, and will the wealthy make the compromises needed for a successful outcome?

Federation – Tony Harmsworth

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