Taste of Death – Solomon Carter

The second installment in the latest adventure for Eva and Dan – The Final Trick – edited and published in July 2017.

Still reeling from her last case, Eva makes a dangerous move. She buys a gun. The new pocket pistol helps her feel better. But how long will it be before something goes badly wrong? 

Not long at all… After a meeting with her old friend Theo Delaney, Eva learns his partner is dead. The circumstances suggest poison, drugs or both. The shadow of the Corsican Gold is cast wherever Roberts and Bradley go – and has reached the town’s gay scene.

Shocked. Hurting. Afraid. Desperate times call for desperate measures… and not just for Eva. 

Taste of Death rips Eva and Dan out of their comfort zone, and lands them deeper into the heart of a dark and ever-changing drug scene… and the body count is rising.

Taste of Death – Solomon Carter

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