The Coercion Game – Magnus Booth

A thrilling debut novel by Magnus Booth, edited in November 2015.

It’s 1995 in Macau, not long before the handover of the peninsula state to the People’s Republic of China. The Portuguese want to get their affairs in order before the deadline, the Chinese eagerly await control, and the Triads vie to use the confusion to solidify their control of Macau.

Fixer Christopher Lee, a half-blood kwailo of British-Chinese descent, returns to the peninsula at the behest of an old friend on what seems like a simple courier job. He’d rather leave the politics of the East to his father, but the unexpected murder of his contact leaves him implicated in her death.

Nobody thinks he killed her. But that won’t stop them taking advantage of his desperation. Chris must find the real murderers, uncover the plot behind the package he had unwittingly smuggled into Macau, and do so before one of the groups conscripting him into their service loses patience.

The Coercion Game – Magnus Booth

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