The Deadly Kiss & The Deadly Gaze – Solomon Carter

Edited in February, The Deadly Kiss is the first in the new DI Hogarth crime thriller series.

Helen Brimelow was a lovely girl. A staunch Christian and a person who loved to help those in need. The food bank where she volunteered is in mourning, the town is in shock. But as Hogarth scrapes beneath the surface, he discovers another kind of Helen. And another type of predator. DI Hogarth and DS Palmer must work through the clues and the lies… but the harder they toil, the less they find. But as they discover more about Helen, are they getting any closer?  Or are they simply pushing Drawton to strike again?

Goodness, charity and love nestle side by side with poverty, addiction and hard-nosed crime in an unforgiving murder mystery.

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Edited in April The Deadly Gaze is the second in the series.

The links between the murders seem superficial at first, but their close proximity must count for something. Under pressure of time, DI Hogarth struggles to find the clues to help track the killer. To make quick progress, he is willing to ask the ambitious Ecrin Kaplan to lend a hand. But barely a constable, young Kaplan isn’t confident enough to share her special insights. Hogarth believes Kaplan has seen something of use… But as the pressure mounts, and the death toll rises, Hogarth cannot wait for long. If he does, another innocent woman will surely die…


The Deadly Gaze – Amazon UK



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