Allerdale – Jenny Hambly

Edited in January, Allerdale is the first in a wonderful new series of Regency romance stories by Jenny Hambly. Book two in the series will be out soon.

Although this is the first of my Confirmed Bachelors series and can be read as a standalone, Allerdale follows on directly from my Miss Wolfraston’s Ladies series and he first appears in Georgianna, book 3 of that series.

Handsome and charismatic, Miles Gilham, Earl of Allerdale, has a reputation for being a little wild. After spending months running his father’s estate in Yorkshire to make amends for disgracing his family the year before, he reluctantly returns to Town. He has promised his mother that he will find a bride this season, but his heart is not in it. The only eligible lady that amuses him is not looking for a husband and is the sort of headstrong girl that would make an uncomfortable wife.

After her diplomat father dies, Eleanor Edgcott returns to England heartbroken. When her mourning period is over, her cousin, Lord Haverham, brings her to Town for the season. She finds herself interested in everything and everyone about her. Between trying to plan her future, keeping Diana, Lady Haverham from the clutches of a rake, and trying to help a lovelorn couple, she finds herself with very little time for reflection.

She is drawn to Lord Allerdale but soon realises that he is the last person to meet the list of requirements she has drawn up for a husband. Circumstances draw them together, however, and just when they discover that they share a very special connection, an event occurs that threatens to ruin any chance of happiness they may have.

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