The Glasshouse Effect – Sara Sartagne

This delightful third book in the English Garden Romance series by Sara Sartagne is a joy to read and was edited towards the end of May 2021.

Her dream job. Her too dreamy colleague…

Magda Keane has been waiting for this job her whole life – creating her design for the exotic gardens in the huge Arcadia glasshouse. This assignment could grow her developing reputation – even get her a partnership.

There are just two problems…

The first is enigmatic Vincenzo Mazzi, the Italian engineer in charge of the solar panels powering the glasshouse. She’s never forgotten how she threw herself at him, nor the humiliation of his polite rejection. The second is the unexplained failure of Vincenzo’s system, which could blight her prospects quicker than an early frost.

For Vincenzo, having Magda on site, in the flesh, is enough to give him sleepless nights. He’s been so intent on building his business, he’s kept his passion under lock and key.

Even worse, strange problems with his tried and tested system are giving him an almighty headache. That, and working with Magda, threaten both his hard-earned reputation and his self-imposed restraint.

Will this shared pressure drive them further apart? Or draw them together to finally face the attraction that never went away?

The Glasshouse Effect – Sara Sartagne

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