The Phoenix & The Visitor – Rob Nesbitt

These two FREE short stories are available direct from Rob’s website.

The Phoenix

A scholarship into the elite Federation Moon Base Academy should be a dream come true. Crossing swords with the chancellor on the first day, bullied by other cadets and trapped on a pilotless battle cruiser, about to crash turns U-SAM’s dream into a nightmare. Can she survive a life-changing accident and keep her dream alive?

If you like fast-paced, action-packed sci-fi adventures then the prequel to the U-SAM sci-fi series will transport you to the launch pad of Rob Nesbitt’s page-turning adventures, and blast you off across a universe of lethal alien worlds, ruthless space pirates and a deadly chase across three galaxies…

Pick up the free prequel to the exciting U-SAM Sci-fi Adventure Thriller series today!


The Visitor

I have made a living from the paranormal, and I thought I had full control over my life and my business. That was, until a stranger called in the middle of a seance…

The Visitor is the first of several short stories I am making available to download free.

– I hope you enjoy it.

Available to download here…

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