The Sorceress of the Sapphire – Part 1 – S.E. Turner

Edited in March.


Starting some sixteen years from where the last series ended, the Sorceress of the Sapphire introduces an incredible cast of new characters, as well as bringing back some of the treasured familiar ones. The setting is Castle Dru in Durundal, and the family are preparing for a celebration. But no one could foresee the rancour that would lead to a tragic turn of events.

For in the midst of this royal pageant — two young girls are abducted and whisked away without a trace. Though before he flees the scene, the Shadow King puts a curse on the entire castle and disfigures all the inhabitants — all except one. Now it is up to the lone survivor to seek out the perpetrator and bring the girls back—alive.

Armed with a sword, a horse, and his faithful wolfhound at his side; this brave young man must now follow a set of instructions: to find the Sorceress of the Sapphire—and defeat the Shadow King.

Because if he can’t—the future of the kingdom is at stake.

With mesmerising worlds, engaging characters and a phenomenal plot, his book will have you spellbound long after the final page has been turned.


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