The Wages of Sin – Bo Brennan

The third novel in this wonderful series by Bo Brennan – worth waiting for and published in January 2017.

The truth was dead and buried, she was dead and buried, until now …

For overworked firefighter Gray Davies, an emergency call-out to the scene of a horrific hit-and-run is all in a day’s work . . . until the terrified victim disappears, leaving her blood on his hands and unanswered questions on his lips.

For Detective India Kane it’s an added complication in a far more sinister crime – a series of brutal, cold-blooded murders the missing hit-and-run victim could hold the key to solving. With a genitally mutilated corpse on her patch, and the dead woman’s identity shrouded in secrecy, India’s set on a collision course with a deadly, unknown enemy.

Detective Chief Inspector AJ Colt is well acquainted with the enemy – courtesy of a divisive high-profile grooming case, he’s currently public enemy number one. As cultures clash, simmering tensions explode, bringing terror and bloodshed to the streets, and Colt to the attention of some of the country’s most dangerous and deranged individuals.

When one of them brings their work home, nothing will ever be the same again – for the wages of sin . . . is death.

The Wages of Sin – Bo Brennan

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