January 10th, 2019 by Melanie3101

The book that started my professional career as an Editor after I contacted Sean Campbell with my feedback on this brilliant novel.

His response and encouragement were invaluable and it is wonderful to be able to combine my years of experience as an Executive Secretary with my love of language and reading so that I now spend my time doing work that I adore.

“90 Days Novel.com

I’m shocked, delighted and ashamed this afternoon. Dead on Demand has been out since 2012, and it’s been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times in the last three years. It’s been read (and enjoyed, hated and everything in-between) by thousands of readers in that time.

We had professional editors go through it on release, after our big free run (the first 55,500 copies went in just 5 days in September 2012) and again when standardizing our formatting for the release of Cleaver Square.

Despite that I had an email from an eagle-eyed reader this afternoon with a laundry list of typographical issues to fix – which I’ve immediately done. My apologies for letting these slip through the net. We’re putting in place extra editing for the fourth book to try ensure as little as possible slips through. It just goes to prove what I said in my last post – decent editors are worth their weight in gold.

I’m hoping Amazon will push the update out to existing readers, but if you’d like a fixed copy immediately please send me a message and I will email over a .mobi file.

As ever Dead on Demand is free so please feel free to share a copy with a friend. We don’t use DRM so the file can be converted for use on any ereader you like, and we have an audio version available on request if you need it. [sic]”

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January 6th, 2019 by Melanie3101

The sixth in the DCI Morton series, this was edited in October 2017 and published 1st November 2017.

Sidelined and alone, DCI David Morton is relegated to the role of teacher. His task is to train the bright young things that will one day put him out of a job.
But hiding among the eager faces of the next generation is a talented student with murder in mind.
When Morton sets his class the challenge of showing how they would commit the perfect murder, the exercise results in his hardest case yet as he has to hunt the killer he helped to create.

The Evolution of a Serial Killer is the sixth stand-alone DCI Morton crime novel.


Evolution of a Serial Killer – Daniel and Sean Campbell

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August 25th, 2018 by Melanie3101

Double Blind – Sean Campbell

“When a murder is committed on the grounds of a cult’s premises, and Morton’s estranged son becomes the prime suspect, the choice is simple: sit back and let another detective work to imprison his son, or work outside the rules to clear the family name.

As if he had any choice.

Double Blind is a standalone crime novel set in DCI Morton’s London. Jump right in with this seventh instalment, or try one of the earlier books first: every story is self-contained.”


Double Blind – Amazon

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