January 24th, 2019 by Melanie3101

The final novel in this thirteen-book series was one of the earliest editing jobs I did for Solomon Carter back in December 2015!

Smoke rises on the horizon.

Dan Bradley and Eva Roberts arrive back in their home town after a chaotic case to discover their office has been burned to the ground. Physically exhausted and living under the shadow of their enemy, they must now track down the arsonist who has destroyed their base of operations. Dan has his suspicions. On the brink of collapse, Eva finds the bottle has never been more appealing.

Dan sets out to prove that the main suspects are innocent while Eva goes it alone to search for evidence to convict their nemesis. But when Dan is suddenly removed from the picture, Eva’s fate seems sealed… and Rowntree gets ever closer to realising his deepest, darkest desire. 

The game is rigged… The rules are changing… and eyes watch from the shadows. 
LTD13 Lucky for Some – Could it finally be checkmate for Eva Roberts?

One thing is certain -, private detectives Roberts and Bradley will need a damn sight more than luck to survive this final battle…

Lucky for Some – Solomon Carter

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January 6th, 2019 by Melanie3101

Another story comes to an end in the gripping finale to The Final Trick series, edited and published in October 2017.

Drug dealers belonging to Alex Galvan’s organised crime syndicate are murdered on the street.

A mark like a boxing glove is left on a nearby wall, daubed in blood.

Eva Roberts becomes a target, and this time her luck might just have run out.

Dan Bradley will stop at nothing until he gets his revenge. But an infuriating stranger gets in his way.

The writing is on the wall. A bloody gang war is coming… but just who is pulling the strings?

Killers and Kings converge in a fight to the finish. A fight to the death… and the town heads toward all-out war. 

Killers and Kings – Solomon Carter

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January 6th, 2019 by Melanie3101

The third installment in The Final Trick series featuring Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley – another page-turner as always from Solomon.

A young call centre worker dies in tragic circumstances – her hand plunged into the broken casing of a live server unit. The fatal incident means an urgent investigation, but Detective Inspector Hogarth seems intent on passing the buck to an HSE investigations team. But Eva and Dan’s latest client is certain Jane Wallah didn’t die by accident. They learn she was working to uncover a company conspiracy. It seems the Scarlet and Lace call centre has skeletons in the closet… and before too long, others will join them.

The long shadow of suspicion is cast in all directions, even to their client himself. When death strikes again, Eva is convinced the dark secrets of Scarlet and Lace must be brought out into the light.

Meanwhile, Councillor Cotterill is getting in too deep. 

And Eva and Dan discover a man is watching them from the streets. 

A confrontation is inevitable.


The Danger Room – Solomon Carter

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January 6th, 2019 by Melanie3101

The first in the latest adventure for Eva and Dan, the London Calling series was published in spring and summer of 2017.


Dressed in a white gown, with black make up daubed across his eyes, the victim was killed with devilish precision – and more grisly secrets are uncovered… a plastic token is hidden in the fatal wound. Why was the young man killed? What is the meaning of the gown and the strange method of murder? 

Private investigators Eva Roberts and Dan Bradley are hired to honour a young man’s memory and to prevent another bloodbath. To win they must outwit a deadly mind before the sinister killer strikes again. The PIs are caught up in a race against a police investigation led by new DI Joe Hogarth… An investigation which is heading in the wrong direction… 

Rite to Silence – Solomon Carter

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January 6th, 2019 by Melanie3101

The second in the series published in spring 2017.

Infamous celebrity photographer Leslie Corcoran is gunned down at home during a heated tryst with a secret lover. And when the dust settles a top secret art collection is missing…

Art thief David Roles hires private detectives Roberts and Bradley to clear his name. Roles is under a cloud of suspicion for the murder he swears he didn’t commit, but DI Braxley and the London Met are convinced he’s their man. Sleazy Roles isn’t their usual type of client – but the case pays, and right now, money talks.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Parker continues to scheme at the worst possible time. Could it be his delusions are getting out of control?

London Calling – Solomon Carter

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